Words of Soleimani about the Saudi-led aggression against Yemen

Jan 05 2021
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Words of Soleimani about the Saudi-led aggression against Yemen

The martyr Soleimani viewed the Ansar Allah movement as an extension of Imam Hussein’s culture (peace be upon him) that started in Iran and has become today in Yemen and Iraq.

Soleimani said in a speech in October 2016: “Our youth today wear the mourning dress of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) and this culture has always supported us. Yesterday, it had a single branch in Iran only, but now it has many branches such as Ansar Allah in Yemen and the Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq.”

The martyr Soleimani on several occasions attacked the Saudi role and its intervention in Yemen, he said in the same speech, "It is certain that this war will not return to Saudi Arabia except defeat and it was a big mistakes. Saudi Arabia and its allies carried out a non-manly war using all technical energies and all modern warplanes, more than 2800 tanks, F-15 and 16 jets, and all these modern helicopters and drones, without taking into account any red line. "

Soleimani added: "Now, four years have passed, and it has only resulted in the killing of children, innocents, destruction of homes. The Red Sea was previously safe, but it is not today because of the presence of the Americans. Riyadh, which has not been hit by a single shell for a century, today is facing Yemeni ballistic missiles

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