Why is Iran interfering in regional issues

Jan 05 2021
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Why is Iran interfering in regional issues

Regarding the issue of why the Islamic Republic of Iran is involved in regional issues, if we want to have a real study and comprehensive analysis, we must look at the history of at least two decades of changes that have occurred in our region. Perhaps one of turning points in our region can be the American military occupation in the region, which began in Afghanistan and after September 11th became a pretext for the Americans to use the illegal presence and occupation of the region under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

Of course, 9/11 remains suspicious in its own way. With the American occupation of Afghanistan against Taliban regime, we saw that the Americans, although under the pretext of fighting terrorism, were seeking to achieve other goals represented in establishing an American regime but under the guise of democracy and maintaining a permanent military presence. Contrary to what is said, Afghanistan is a weak or poor country - it is not - but the political geography of Afghanistan is the center of three civilizations, the Orthodox civilization of Russia, Chinese Confucius, and Islam in Iran today. These are the three civilizations that Americans talk about. They came to Afghanistan under the pretext of terrorism, but they wanted to compete with these three civilizations.

After Afghanistan, the Americans launched a military invasion against Iraq and occupied it under the pretext of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. The American behavior in Iraq did not leave the slightest doubt that the occupation of Iraq was the first step in the formation of a new Middle East.

The Americans intended to establish a permanent military presence, establish an American political system, control the army and police and manage Iraq’s foreign relations without obtaining a permit, whether from the UN Security Council or from people of these countries.

In a very short time in Iraq, Saddam’s regime fell after nearly twenty days, and the Americans celebrated the early victory, almost no country dared to speak against US actions, take a stand, or oppose them. Americans were providing a good excuse that the terrorism 

today threatens world peace and security, and America has taken the lead in fighting terrorism. America has begun to act against the Islamic Republic and the martyr Qassem Soleimani since the beginning of Iraq’s occupation, when about 160,000 soldiers came with their allies to Iraq.

The "military attack on the table" option began from there. The issue of Iran's nuclear program was also highlighted at that time. They also placed the Iranian nuclear issue next to terrorism, they made it clear to the world that Iran seeks to get nuclear weapons and endangers the security and peace of the world. Therefore, Iraq was the first step in forming of the new Middle East

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