Why Did the United States Fail in Middle East

Dec 28 2020
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Why Did the United States Fail in Middle East

The United States designed and implemented a variety of projects and plans to dominate the region for decades. Their effort was focused to press the nations so the US would gain control of countries in the region.


Most American projects in the Middle East target nations, and constantly trying to engage them by creating terrors, civil wars and to support subordinate governments and launch arranged riots wherever necessary. They carry out the same projects in African countries.

What exactly was the reason behind the failure of US projects in the region? How could Washington leave Somalia without a government for 30 years, but not in Lebanon?


How could the United States managing the Libyan civil war in such a way that it turned the parties to the conflict into puppets, but it crushed in Syrian civil war and retreated?


How could the United States easily contain an armed organization like al-Qaeda in Africa, but afraid of the popular mobilization organization in Iraq and then imposed sanctions to its commanders?

The answers to these questions was, the presence of Iranian Top General, Qasem Soleimani. Soleimani played a pivotal role in screwing up the whole US agenda in the Region. He was the man behind the formation of what so called the Axis of Resistance which rose against all US interest in the Middle East. US decision to assassinate him was clearly backfired.


The Lebanese people, including Shiites, Sunnis and Christians flooded the streets in protest of General Soleimani's assassination. They have always said "no" to the US project in Lebanon and determined to prevent Washington from achieving its goals. As well as how the Syrian tribes united to snatch US dream to overthrow Assad.

The US decision to kill Soleimani right before unveiling its next agenda -The Deal of Century was not a coincidence. The Americans thought that burying Soleimani would be the best option to guarantee the deal. But, as Mexican proverb said, they didn’t realize that he was seed

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