What Did General Qaani Say about Fighting Zionist Entity in the Region

Jan 10 2021
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What Did General Qaani Say about Fighting Zionist Entity in the Region

General Ismail Qaani, commander of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, said: "All wars in the region are a continuation of the approach that was achieved during the era of Imam Khomeini and continued during the period of Sayyed Khamenei. Regimes like the United States and Israel must understand that this is the Islamic Republic of Iran and the country of the Imam Mahdi (PBUH).

If an Israeli or American soldier wanted to defile this land, he will pay the price. They understand this issue. Our problems with America and the Israelis are not the current nuclear issues and the human rights issues. The problem is that we learned how to resist them. We have a religious duty and a general view to achieve the rule of Imam Mahdi (PBUH). We are doing our job and we are serious about it.”

He added: "At one point, the Israelis defeated three major Arab countries in a six-day war and controlled many lands and they still occupied it. But when Israel confronted the Islamic Republic of Iran, it launched three or four major wars over a land with size 6 * 45 km (Gaza) and they lost every war with the Palestinians because of Iran's support for the Palestinian resistance.”

He then stated that, "A few Palestinian soldiers when Gaza was under Israeli blockade for 6-7 years defeated the occupation. The Palestinians resisted the Zionist occupation in the 22-day war. On the first day of war, the Palestinians fired 118 missiles towards the occupied lands. On the last day when the Israelis announced that the Palestinian weapons were running out, the Palestinians fired 119 to 120 rockets. The real tragedy for Israelis is that the Islamic Republic taught others how to fight (them back)

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