What are the kind of Iranian missiles that bombed Ain Al-Assad base

Jan 04 2021
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What are the kind of Iranian missiles that bombed Ain Al-Assad base

The analysis website "National Interest" published a report on the Iranian military capability in Ain Al-Asad strike. The report stated that Tehran used its smaller missiles in the January 2020 attacks, while it has much larger missiles that have a longer range and can carry nuclear warheads. In total, Iran has around 55,000 land-to- land missiles, including short-range missiles such as Shahab-1 and Fateh-110, as well as Qiam missiles.

Iran's longest range missile is called Sejjil missile, which has a range of 2,500 km and can strike a target in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, East Africa, or South Asia.

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis, a missile expert at Middlebury Institute of International Studies, studied pictures of missile debris that targeted Ain Al-Assad base during the January 2020 attacks. He said the missiles that used in the attacks were “Qiam” missiles.

The Qiam short-range ballistic missile is a new series of Iranian missiles that has new technical characteristics and unique tactical strength.

The "Qiam" missile has 11.5 meters long, 88 cm in diameter, weight 6280 kg, with 645 kg weight of its warhead. Qiam" missile using a single-stage liquid fuel engine, it can achieve a variety of tasks with a vertical range of 200 km and a horizontal range of 800 km.

According to the Washington DC Center for Strategic and International Studies, the missile is has an advanced guidance system that can correct its path very quickly, it does not have a missile wing, which is technically very important, because the wing is the main factor in controlling direction and path, guiding a missile without a wing is usually difficult, so the absence of missile wings on this type of missile shows Iran's tremendous progress in the field of missile guidance systems

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