US used "concussion" term to describe its losses in Ain al-Assad base

Jan 04 2021
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US used "concussion" term to describe its losses in Ain al-Assad base

Immediately after the news of Iranian missile strikes, Donald Trump wrote on Twitter: “Everything is fine!” And after a few hours, he claimed in his speech that no American soldier had been killed or wounded in the Iranian missile strikes. But over time, the Americans were forced to admit the losses. However, they did it in their own way, while Trump has completely refused news about injuries and losses.

There are countless indications that Washington sought to conceal the true numbers of victims at Ain al-Assad base. The key term that the Americans used instead of "victims" or "dead and wounded" is "concussion." It is a trauma that usually occurs due to a terrible brain accident and can have long-term or permanent physical and psychological effects on brain. These injuries are very widespread in American soldiers and usually occur after they are on a battlefield or in a military attack at different levels. US officials used the term "concussion" to describe their losses in the battles and also in the Iranian strike on Ain al-Assad.

In the weeks following the Iranian missile strike on Ain al-Assad, the United States used its media machine with full force to publish false stories and news about the martyr Soleimani and Iran's missile strike. However, after the destruction in Ain al-Assad, the US government was unable to hide the facts, and in addition to the international media, local news agencies pressed the Trump administration at least in part to uncover the facts in Ain al-Assad. The New York Times admitted that the US administration is lying about the losses in Ain Al-Assad and criticized Washington's secrecy on the matter, saying: "The Iranian Missile Strike Did Far More Damage Than Trump Admits

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