The New Middle East Plan in Iraq

Jan 06 2021
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The New Middle East Plan in Iraq

Of course, the new Middle East plan was a serious threat to the security of the region, to Iran, and to popular and resistance movements such as Hezbollah. The occupation of Iraq would have served to enhance the security of Israel, a country which must establish its political, security, economic and cultural hegemony over the entire region.

This was a series of threats against the region, the Islamic Republic, and the free countries. So the American occupation of Iraq was a real threat. Moreover, if this American measure had succeeded, the international system was governed by forest law.

The Islamic Republic could not witness these threatening American moves in the region. The US behavior during these forty years against the Iranian nation is evident from all dimensions, such as economic sanctions and supporting Saddam during eight-year war.

The Islamic Republic understood these threats and the concern of Iraqi society over this occupation. It is true that the Iraqi people survived from Saddam's dictatorial regime and were happy, but they were very worried and upset about the American occupation. The Iraqi people have never welcomed the illegal presence of Americans. Therefore, despite the occupation of 160,000 foreign soldiers in Iraq, the Iraqi parliament approved a law to expel Americans from Iraqi lands and refused to sign security agreements after resistance leaders Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis were martyred.

Today, the Americans are seeking once again to establish a military presence in Iraq under the pretext of ISIS, which was opposed by the Iraqi Parliament. It is natural that in the context of national issues and the country's interests, and in order to support the demands of the Iraqi people, and the interests of security and stability, the Islamic Republic must not allow the evil plan of the Americans to succeed.

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