The Effect of General Soleimani's Assassination on Aramco Oil Giant Company’s Stock Price

Jan 06 2021
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The Effect of General Soleimani's Assassination on Aramco Oil Giant Company’s Stock Price

Following the assassination of General Qassem Soleimani, Saudi giant oil company Aramco stock values decreased amid market fluctuations in the Persian Gulf countries. As the stock price fell, the assassination also caused among foreign investors. 

Immediately after this incident, Khalid bin Salman, the Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, went to the United States and Britain to discuss developments in the region. He stressed that all efforts should be made to prevent escalation and restore stability. 

Meanwhile, Saudis was taking every opportunity to destabilize the region. They kept hitting The Axis of Resistance. Saudi propaganda machines were attacking Soleimani’s personality alongside the United States right before the assassination. It aimed to gain public support and legitimation toward the attack.

In fact, the Saudi regime and the US alike are still continuing its enmity with the resistance and its great commanders, without being willing to accept the consequences of this enmity. An example of these consequences was the decline in shares value of Aramco Oil Company following the assassination of General Soleimani. The issue proved that Saudi leaders have become very vulnerable in the region 

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