Revolutionary leader: We are no longer satisfied with words

Feb 23 2021
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Revolutionary leader: We are no longer satisfied with words

Iran’s honored head of the revolution pointed to his recent remarks regarding the nuclear agreement -JCPOA- and Iran’s policy and said, “When we see the other side’s actions, we will act. This time, the Islamic Republic of Iran will not be satisfied with words and promises.”

Ayatollah Khamenei, added this morning during a virtual meeting with a group of people in Tabriz, the provincial capital of the northwestern Iranian province of Eastern Azarbaijan, on the occasion of the anniversary of the 1978 uprising against the tyrannical Shah’s rule, that regarding the nuclear agreement, there are many good words and promises that have been violated and not followed. Therefore, words and promises were useless, and this time only actions were important, he said.

The main cause of arrogant enmity with the revolution and the Islamic Republic should never be forgotten he stressed, stating, “Of course, they use their conspiracies and contradictions under various pretexts, such as human rights, Islamic legislation, or because of Iran’s nuclear, missile and regional policies and other issues, but it must be noted that these issues are only excuses.”

The head of the Islamic Revolution referred to the strengthening of the military and defense forces and the transformation of Iran into a major regional power as one of the achievements of the Islamic Revolution and said, “The main reason for the various conspiracies of the Americans and the Zionist regime as well as some European governments is this step of the revolution towards forward, and God willing, the power of the Iranian people and those in charge will thwart these conspiracies.”

In another part of his address, referring to the upcoming presidential elections in Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei described the elections as a great opportunity for the country, saying, “Of course, the opposition of the Islamic State order does not want it to use the elections as an important opportunity and capacity for the progress of the country. But passionate and revolutionary participation of the people in the elections will lead to the security of the country, repel the enemies and reduce their greed, so this opportunity should not be missed.”

Ayatollah Khamenei said that the aim of the enemies in their repeated claims about the elections is to discourage the people, adding, “Despite these claims, elections are an important opportunity and reserve for the country, of course, only if an enthusiastic participation of the people is accompanied by the election of an efficient, faithful, motivated, interested and hard-working force, then this guarantees the future of the country

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