Republican Greg Murphy warns Joe Biden against returning to Iran nuclear deal

Feb 07 2021
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Republican Greg Murphy warns Joe Biden against returning to Iran nuclear deal

Republican Congressman Greg Murphy has warned new U.S. President Joe Biden against returning to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA/Atom deal).

According to Fox News, Greg Murphy, a pro-Israeli congressman in the House of Representatives, advised U.S. President Joe Biden to continue the approach of “maximum pressure” on Iran and not to enter the JCPOA.

Despite the United States’ withdrawal from the nuclear agreement under former U.S. President Donald Trump, Iran continued to enrich uranium, Greg Murphy added.

The weakening of the U.S. position on Iran will adversely affect Israel as Washington’s closest ally in the region, the U.S. congressman said.

Murphy is one of the signatories of a new letter from Republican lawmakers to Biden against Iran, claiming Iran is causing instability in the region.

In 2015, Iran reached an agreement with the so-called G5+1 countries (five veto-wielding countries plus Germany).

Although the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has issued several reports confirming Iran’s compliance with the nuclear agreement, the U.S. government under Trump unilaterally withdrew from the deal in 2018.

Under these circumstances, the Supreme National Security Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran announced on May 8, 2019, exactly one year after the U.S. withdrawal from the deal, that Iran would also gradually reduce its obligations under the nuclear agreement.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has stressed several times that it is ready to return to its commitments if sanctions are lifted and the country can benefit from the nuclear deal

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