Qasem Soleimani; A hero in the shadow

Jan 06 2021
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Qasem Soleimani; A hero in the shadow

The fight against Daish continued in Iraq, with Iraqi forces and police constantly retreating in the fight against terrorists. And when it seemed that Baghdad would also be demolished by the terrorists and this country would come under the control of terrorists like Afghanistan, then, on the demand of the Iraqi government, a hero stepped into Iraqi soil in the fight against the terrorists. Yes, he was Qasim Solomon.

With Solomon's arrival in Iraq, the wheels of the victories of the militants stopped. And after that they had to face defeat. The Daisch, which was reaching Baghdad some time ago, was now slowly losing its position.

In the fight against Daish in Iraq it can be said that the most difficult time was for Qasim Solomon to liberate Amerli.

Amerli is a city in Salah al-Din province in northern Iraq, near the border with Diyala province, about 100 kilometers from the Iranian border. The city has a population of 26,000 and was under siege by ISIS terrorists from June to the end of August 2014 during the ISIS invasion of Iraq.

Amrili city with the Shiite population of Turkmen origin was under siege by terrorists for more than 75 days, but during that time, despite severe shortages of water, food and medicine, residents resisted ISIL terrorist attacks and prevented them from entering the city.

Qasem Soleimani entered the city flying over the terrorists in a helicopter in the dark of night to save "Amerli" from falling, it was a very dangures move and no one had to dear to do it expect Solemani. This action of general Soleimani gave the youth of that area motivation and morale when the saw Soleimani between them. He organized the forces defending the city as well as organizing the attacks of the Iraqi army and the mobilization forces of the Iraqi people. These forces fought with double spirit and with all their might until they were able to break the siege and flee the enemy; and this was one of the first steps of the fall of ISIS in Iraq.

After Amerli's release, the New York Times wrote: "It was Iran that managed to liberate the city of Amerli from Daesh by organizing 

(advising) the people's forces in August 2014." It was also Iran’s Quds Force that backed Iraqi mobilization forces and Iraqi security forces in November to liberate the central city of Baiji from ISIS. Iranians sent the commander of the Quds Force (Qasem Soleimani) and their military think tank to Iraq; One that many military officials consider the best strategic commander.

The Daily Telegraph also described: " Qasem Soleimani" has shown that he is acting in a very planned manner and is trying to increase Iran's influence and power in the region in every field. The American newspaper added: "Contrary to the propaganda for the liberation of Amerli from the clutches of ISIS, it was not the work of the Pentagon and the US military; It was the work of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

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