Joe Biden: Zionism entrenched in his Cabinet

Jan 31 2021
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Joe Biden: Zionism entrenched in his Cabinet

The defeat of former President Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential elections on November 3, 2020 generated a major uproar in the Zionist world, foreshadowing that the four years of unconditional support of the Trump administration to the Israeli regime could have some difficulties under the new Democratic government.

The voices of doom and gloom were tempered, when the first appointments began to appear in the governmental positions of men and women, of what would be the cabinet of the new US president and recognize in them political allies, endowed with the same messianic and supremacist vision that envisions that the financial, political, diplomatic, military support and as a putative father continue protecting what he considers his terrestrial aircraft carrier. This, as part of its strategy of hegemonic dominance in West Asia, which is becoming more and more downward every day. Biden has been endowed with names from the establishment, no one who could cause a sting in the conservative Democratic world or tear at the vestments of the Republicans. Blacks, Latinos, Jewish believers, Zionists, representatives of the LGBT world. No Muslims, no leaders of the political world close to Bernie Sanders or Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez. No one who could be accused of being “socialists or radicals” in the peculiar American nomenclature. But the presence of numerous Americans of Jewish belief and Zionist ideology stands out.

Jacob Kornbluh, an American national politics reporter for the Jewish Insider, who “covers politics from a Jewish angle” and is considered part of the Zionist communications lobby in the United States, revealed the enormous joy in the Zionist community when President Joe Biden announced the names of those who would make up his cabinet. Kornbluh points out that among the Zionist community, the joke spread through social networks that the West Wing of the White House would have a minyan (1), generating comments that highlighted the Jewish presence in the government, which calmed the spirits of those Zionist hosts, who fear a series of countermeasures that would take away Netanyahu and his followers. What countermeasures: reinstalling the US embassy in Tel Aviv, not catalyzing the so-called normalization processes between Arab governments and Zionism or taking the wind out of the sails of the proposal for the final appropriation of Palestine, including the generation of pressures in order to move towards the creation of the Palestinian state

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