Iran: Final Resolution on 22 Bahman

Feb 15 2021
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Iran: Final Resolution on 22 Bahman

The Coordinating Council for Islamic Public Relations, in the final resolution of the 22nd Bahman celebrations, stressed the unity of all walks of life against global imperialism under the command of the “guardian of the world’s Muslims.”

The resolution paid tribute to the epic presence of the Iranian people in the symbolic motorcade and motorcade on the occasion of the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, and said that those present at these rallies, on behalf of all free and righteous people of the world, made known in a loud voice their practical commitment to Islamic Iran and the world “in Islamic awakening”, and the Leader of the Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei.

The resolution reminds the leaders of global arrogance, especially the democratic government of the United States, of the grave misjudgments of the Iranian people from the beginning of the formation of the great Islamic movement through the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution to successive uprisings and failed wars and ignominious defeats: the Iranian people, with their firm determination, jihadist and steadfast perseverance, have once again made the conspiratorial enemies of Islam and the Islamic homeland taste the bitter taste of defeat in the economic war.

The final resolution of the 22nd Bahman celebrations also said, “As the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution said, no one in the Islamic Republic listens to the claimants without claim, and the consistent position of the Iranian people regarding the nuclear agreement -JCPOA- is that the US must lift all sanctions.

The resolution also paid tribute to the efforts of aid workers and sacrifices in the field of health and in fighting the Corona pandemic and faithful services to the people, and supported the innovation and initiative of Iran’s elite scientists in developing a vaccine against the Corona virus

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