Gen. Soleimani was the father of victories over ISIS: Russian military correspondent

Jan 06 2021
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Gen. Soleimani was the father of victories over ISIS: Russian military correspondent

Russian military correspondent Padobeni, who has traveled extensively to Iraq and Syria and covered events related to the fight against terrorists during his news missions in those countries, recounted a memory of his meeting with Sardar Soleimani.

"I met General Soleimani several times by chance in Syria, one of which lasted 15 minutes," said a Russian military correspondent.

During the meeting, which took place on the road side of a villege in the Abu Kamal area, Gen. Soleimani spoke us with by a translatter while he was standing with a bodyguard.

 "Our group stopped while passing by Soleimani and his entourage, and General Soleimani greeted us, and he asked us not to take photos or videos of him" said the Russian correspondent.

Soleimani spoke with interest and spoke about the situation in the region and the ISIS terrorist group. After a 15-minute of talking, General Soleimani got into his jeep and left.

"The commander of the Quds Force for Iran was the father of victories over ISIS terrorists and was very popular among the Iranian people," Padubani said.

"The fate of millions of people in the region is of no value to the United States," he said. Every American president must have his own war.

Padubani called Soleimani's assassination an invasion of Iran and added: "Even Israel had not dare to attack Soleimani.

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