World after COVID-19: Is capitalism on its last leg?

World after COVID-19: Is capitalism on its last leg?

May 02, 2020

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It was after World War II that the current world order was formed around the world, superpowers formed created and poles were created, the most important actors in this system are the United States and Western governments.

Since World War II, the United States has introduced itself as the main arm of the Security Council and the savior of humanity.

In Hollywood movies, they have always tried to show themselves as the savior of the end times (doomsday) and create the belief in the audience’s mind that only the United States can save human society from troubles, disasters, etc.

It’s not just about movies, the United States is actually trying to instill this thinking in the minds of its people and other countries that this is only American who can save the world from oppression. By creating terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda, ISIS, etc., which their own leaders acknowledge, they are trying to create terror among the people by creating war, insecurity and savagery, and this is the time when the United States enters the field when people are buried in fear and oppression and apparently starts to fight to terrorists. And thus shows itself as savior and calls true soldiers fighting against terrorism as terrorists, just like what has happened in Iraq and Syria in recent years.

Now, the so-called savior of humanity, with the outbreak of the coronavirus, has not only saved the world, rather it is unable to control the virus even within its borders. The United States, which has previously played a key role in trans-regional humanitarian crises such as the tsunami in Indonesia and Japan and the fight against AIDS in Africa, now, without the help of other countries, it cannot control the outbreak of the virus even within the United States borders.

The situation in this country is so critical that due to the lack of medical and care facilities, it has forced the United States to steal medical equipment from other countries. The number of casualties is so great that it has deprived the United States’ ability to bury the dead, and now the truck refrigerators are the last house of the patients who lost their lives with Corona.

Corona’s damage to the United States is not limited to breaking the record of people infected with COVID-19 in the United States, and one of the most significant blows of this epidemic has been on the country’s economy and the capitalist system.

While the United States is recognized as the world’s most important economic power, with the spread of the virus has become more passive than ever before, which is even more devastating for the United States than Corona. Because it has been proven that the United States, although it has military and economic power, is biologically very vulnerable, and this itself can have many negative consequences on its military, economic and political power.

In the meantime, Europeans are also not far behind the United States. The lack of medical and care facilities in some prominent European countries has challenged them, and has forced the government to steal health and medicine items from other countries. And thus the ferocious Westerners have shown the world their second face.

The disease has stopped the wheel of Western’s economy, and in addition to controlling the outbreak of the coronavirus, it has hampered the performance of Western governments in dealing with post-corona economic issues. It seems like the capitalist system is collapsing.

This comes at a time when China, where the COVID-19 virus was first identified, has a much lower number of deaths and infections than the United States and some European countries in terms of population ratio. This country is slowly moving towards normalcy by controlling the disease, and while European countries and the United States are stealing from each other, the Chinese are exporting pharmaceutical and medical health items to other countries.

But what is happening in the Islamic Republic of Iran is very significant, despite the fact that Iran is facing comprehensive sanctions, and even in this situation, sanctions are in place and Iran cannot import medicine and medical equipment, thanks to the efforts of its youth, it has been able to produce various types of corona test kits, artificial respiration devices, various types of isolated clothing, and the like, which are very effective in controlling and treating this disease.

In addition to these efforts, Basijis, women, and other volunteers started producing masks, isolated clothing. While stores in Western countries were looted by people, Iranians tried to distribute health and livelihood items among the people at the same time, and they were trying to minimize the economic suffering caused by the coronavirus.

Undoubtedly, the world we will face after Corona will be very different from the world before Corona’s emergence, as governments became increasingly will aware of their weaknesses and strengths, and will realize that their independence and self-reliance will make them more successful in dealing with such issues.

And since the mask will be removed from the face of the West, there will be a different approach in relation to them than before Corona. Also, the capitalist system, which faced the emergence of the Coronavirus and the sharp decline in stock indices, has taken a declining step. Perhaps this will make the world after Corona, a world without relying on the capitalist system.

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