Why Do We supplicate to Allah

Why Do We supplicate to Allah

Oct 24, 2019

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Allah knows what's in our hearts... so why do we need to supplicate to him? This short clip featuring a rarely-heard quote of Rumi, is a beautiful reminder of why we pray to the all-knowing, the all-wise.

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For the right of Husayn (A) is made obligatory upon every Muslim by Allah.

A man who finds intimacy with Allah feels lonely among people.

A wise saying is a lost article of the believers.

He who has you (Allah) has everything...

The Holy Prophet [s]...

May Allah bless all those who refrain from backbiting their brothers and sisters for the sake of Allah, wherever they are.

Nearness to Allah

No one will feel secured on the resurrection day...

Some are sad that the month of Ramadhan is coming to an end.

Gratefulness to Allah...

Tomorrow is the last Friday of the month of mercy. Don't forget to make the most of it inshAllah!

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The Holy Prophet [s] never ate while leaning (on anything) till the time he left this world.

What is faith?

The hearts of the people are...

Take wise points from wherever...

Just take a look and see what message Allah has for you today...


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