Whoes side are you on?

Whoes side are you on?

Nov 18, 2019

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There is no doubt that Palestine will be liberated.

Islamic unity week 2

Unity week eradicates divisions, fosters unity

The Holy Prophet (S) would brush his teeth when performing ablution.

gaza ghetto

Islamic unity week 1

U.S. the agent of global Zionism, the creator of ISIS

joint operations room

custom flags for fake regime

he should be accompanied up to the door of the house.

coming of the savior (imam al-amhdi) for:

israel and saudi arabia unity of murderers

I’m Just a Kid

This is fake regime (Israel).

In front of cameras lenses, Omar al-Baddawi rises as a martyr…

a petty glory

Oh Fatima, indeed Allah is angry when you are angry.

Who supports terrorists?


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