Trump and Saudi Arabia …. Endless Insult

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Leading by sandwich board.

take a look at yemeni childern

The Islamic world and the whole world must feel responsibility over the.

Doubtlessly, Divine revenge will seize Saudi politicians

Collapse From Inside…

You need guts to expose Israeli atrocities against Palestinians!

Lady Liberty's burden

in yemen a child dies every 10 min of hunger and illness

United states ambassador to the united nations

US goals in region are diametrically opposed to Iran’s goals / negotiation with US on the region is pointless.

Any remarks implying the continuation of sanctions regime is violation of JCPOA.

Jim Morin: Is there anyone left not embarrassed by this cretin?


US deceptive involvement in nuclear talks has been intended to advance their hostile policies towards Iran.

This will be Trump's legacy.

trump ruined a g7 summit dinner by insisting the group readmit russia

they shut its mouth with money

Awakening is not suppressible.


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