Today, the people of Ahwaz are under attack And women and innocent children were killed Why?

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Amal Hussain, a seven-year-old Yemeni girl, who had very severe conditions of weakness and hunger; eventually could not resist and died…

Yemen crisis

Yemen Crisis 'getting worse by the hour'  The death toll of children in #Yemen is increasing every hour

stop killing children Yemen

Yemen stop the killing muslims in Yemen

I challenge you to put your son's photo here

for yemeni children

Yemen Cant Wait

Silence about Yemen genocide is more than a shame, it's a human failure about dignity

Rest in Peace Adam.

Israel's War on Children

Israel detained more than 900 Palestinian children this year

Every Child in Yemen is dying by starving or killed by US/UK & EU bombs but chutt, don't disturb world & UN !!

Here is Yemen

Nobody talk here of grief. In Yemen every 10 minutes a child is dying .. !!


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