The successive defeats of the darkness prince of Al Saud

The successive defeats of the darkness prince of Al Saud

Nov 18, 2018

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The news of the murder of Khashoggi in the world's media is continuing that the news of the normalization of the Riyadh-Tel Aviv relations became a controversy as a regional headline. Another issue which was published after the Saudi defeat in al-Hudaydah and the US-British deadline to Saudi Arabia to end the Yemeni war made trouble for Bin Salman. Bin Salman did not imagine that in less than a short period of time, there would be so many problems that each one could put Saudi Arabia at the risk of collapse.

  1. A) Political failure

Bin Salman faces failure challenge in the Lebanese, Iraqi, and even Malaysian elections, and the governments have a serious conflict with Riyadh, and on the other hand, he has failed to gain the Arab leadership of Islamic movements after political agreements with the governments of the region.

The dispute between Bin Salman and the ruling dynasty in Qatar has led to an increase among the Arab League and the Persian Gulf Arab states, which led to Qatar’s withdrawal from the Saudi coalition, and the political processes led by Bin Salman and the Salman family to the Arab world finished without any achievement.

Compromise negotiations with the Zionist regime and Trump’s behavior with the family of Bin Salman and the use of words such as lactating cows and … made a political frustration for the Salman family in the region, and many of the countries that have traditionally been of the supporters of Riyadh are now looking skeptical of the political situation in Saudi Arabia.

  1. B) Military defeat:

On the other hand, Bin Salman and Riyadh’s decision makers thought they would be able to destroy the Alliance of Resistance in Sana’a with Yemen war and enter Sana’a within a short time and control the city. While not only this did not happen, but Ansarullah could strengthen its coalition with the support of other political groups in Yemen and resist the armed forces of coalition for nearly four years.

The process of militancy defeat in Yemen is not solely about the failure of controlling Sana’a. Saudi Arabia faces Ansarullah missiles, each of which has the power to target the entire territory of Saudi Arabia and can be a serious threat to Riyadh’s military and security future. Along with that, the operational defeat in the Syrian war and the acquisition of all the important and strategic parts of Syria by Bashar al-Assad is definitely not pleasant to Bin Salman and will end all the costs of the seven-year Syrian war for the benefit of the resistance axis.

Alongside these, the presence of Hashd al-Sha’bi forces in the north put Saudi Arabia in a geopolitical tightness, and Saudi Arabia has actually siege. On the one hand, Iran is present in the Persian Gulf; on the other hand, with the presence of Hashd al-Sha’bi in Iraq on the northern borders, it feels insecure, and on the other hand, with the presence of Ansarullah in the south, the country will certainly not be able to achieve past authority.

  1. C) Economic failure:

Saudi imagination and the massive propaganda of Bin Salman were the achievement of economic authority. While with the Yemeni war and its enormous cost, Saudi Arabia is faced with a lot of budget deficits that cannot easily be compensated for. On the other hand, economic incentive schemes to attract capital, such as thermal and solar power plants, and dozens of civil projects have been rejected by other governments due to lack of funds or Saudi Arabian approaches to human rights, and many of the agreements were broken.

  1. D) Ideological defeat:

Bin Salman entered the royal crown prince position with the slogan of believes and religious reform, while the group was more engaged in media activism than they wanted to do political and religious reform, and the reform was too much like propaganda. The murder of Khashoggi has shown Saudi Arabia’s face in the world and its link with the violation of human rights and privacy.

The mentioned crises are part of the unsolved crises of Bin Salman that has led the country to the brink of collapse.

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