the friday prayers

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8 facts about the Palestinian children under the Israeli occupation

Gaza's economic collapse

With the Trump administration’s $200 million aid cuts to Palestine and Israel’s sanctions on imports and exports, families in Gaza are increasingly at risk of food insecurity.

Are Palestinians living under an Apartheid regime?

Bethlehem besieged

Palestinian child's skull

Palestinian old city of Hebron is a UNESCO world heritage site, yet has been under Israeli military lockdown since 1997.

The 5 visuals show the parallels between the policies of apartheid era South Africa and contemporary Israel.

Gaza is fighting alone.

The Unity that Can’t Be Ignored

About 600000 Israeli civilians are armed in the West Bank and protected by the Israeli army!!!

Israel’s ID system determines which buses Palestinians can or cannot take.

terrorist is not a Muslim


The Gaza Strip resistance escorted the Israeli night guests with 200 ballistic missiles


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