Saudi’s new crime in Yemen: Coronavirus masks or virus bombs?

Saudi’s new crime in Yemen: Coronavirus masks or virus bombs?

May 02, 2020

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While not a single case of coronavirus infection has been identified in Yemen, the Saudi coalition has in a strange move, and by violating the country’s airspace, airdropped boxes containing masks and other materials by plane in some Yemeni towns and villages.

According to reports, the cities targeted in the inhumane operation by Riyadh include Al-Ahli in the Hudaydah province and Khamis Bani Saad in al-Muheet province.

Youssef al-Hadhri, a spokesman for the Yemeni Ministry of Health, described Saudi Arabia’s move as “surprising” he added that there had not been a single positive case of corona in the country, and while countries around the world enforce stricter rules for the country’s airports and borders following the spread of the virus, the Saudi coalition has increased the number of Yemenis returnees living abroad, prompting Saudi Arabia to blame the possible outbreak of the coronavirus in Yemen.

Meanwhile, while dropping the cartons in the Yemeni cities, the Saudi regime has carried out an extensive bombardment of various areas of Al-Hudaidah province in the form of artillery and rocket airstrikes.

The regime has repeatedly attacked and bombed health centers and hospitals in Yemen, recently targeting the quarantine building in the town of Al-Latif in Al Hudaydah province, indicating that the Saudi coalition is seeking to spread the coronavirus in Yemen.

It is clear that the Saudi government does not intend to take care of the health of the Yemeni people by throwing cartons of masks in Yemen.

Yemeni officials have condemned the move and accused Saudi Arabia of being the cause of the possible outbreak of the coronavirus in the country, urging people to stay at home and not be close to these packages at all.

The question is, has Saudi regime, the killer of oppressed people, become sympathetic to the health of the Yemeni people or is it pursuing other goals? The answer to this question is clear:

If there was even a particle of humanity in this regime, it would not drop their and missiles ordinary citizens and defenseless people of Yemen, and would have not used cluster bombs and all kinds of chemical and microbial weapons, and would not write a black chapter of history with its crimes.

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