Saudi embassy

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Trump & Oil

abdollah killer

The year 2018 was full of Saudi-led coalition massacres on Yemen with US & UK support

How he kills the war in Yemen

Sada Al Ahdath found

U.S. Bills Saudis and Emiratis $331 Million for Refueling Warplanes in Yemen

Wall Street in eyes sayyid ali

Goodbye 2018


We won't forget Saudi-led coalition War Crimes in Yemen

Christmas gift !

Don’t FOLLOW...

US-UK-Saudi-led coalition jets targeted a school in Nihm  Sanaa and killed 8 children/teacher and injured 15.

How he kills the war in Yemen

Stop War On Yemen

Saudi regime's accomplices in genocide in Yemen

why Iran has a missile system and why, despite many threats, neither Israel nor the Saudis nor the US will make a direct attack.

If one bomb goes of in UK whole world would know about it,yet bombs r dropping every day on Yemen no 1 says a thing


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