Praise be to you O earth (of Karbala)! A group of people will be associated with you, who will enter Paradise without any accounting.

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The Biggest Gathering in the History…

When Your Heart Belongs to Allah | Shaykh Bahmanpour

Heading Towards Karbala

Why should Arbaeen be listed in Guinness Book?

he shall be freed from sins similar to the day his mother gave birth to him.

For the right of Husayn (A) is made obligatory upon every Muslim by Allah.

For verily on the day of Qiyamah they will be successful.

Whoever seeks the satisfaction of people...

One who reveals your faults to you like a mirror is your true friend...

Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

A man who finds intimacy with Allah feels lonely among people.

he will remain as a guest of the inhabitants of Paradise

BEWARE that the need of people to you is among the blessings of God...

“Spend as much as you earn, not more.”

Direct our Shi’ah to visit

People are slaves of the world...


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