more than 2 million children Yemen under the of five are considered acutely malnourished.

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There is no guarantee

regime saudi arabia still sits on the UN Human Rights Council

This is the world. This is the oppressive world.

The UN has slamemed Saudi coalition forces and the Israeli occupation for child killings

Every 10 minutes a child dies in Yemen.

They kill us and besiege us and steal our oil and our wealth

The blood of Yemeni children is on their hands.

Guerrilla Girls among artists protesting against London arms fair with parallel show

where is humanity?

saudi arabia has destroyed in Yemen more than:

hope is our identity resistance is our personality.

di you know Yemeni children are?

If we pretend that the Qur'an is our Book.

1000 days of resistance


take a look at yemeni childern

1000 days without food?

ansarollah's power is not only in its missiles.


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