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What World Personalities Quote about Imam Hussain (as)

sanctions against russia; turkey;iran...

Karbala. A war of 72 that has left a lesson for the billions.

15. Surat Al-Hijr

Days of Arbaeen

There is no other day like yours O 'Hussain.  There is no day like yours Oh Hussain.

I Turn

Yemeni Children under War fire ... This is not the Islam of our Prophet!

islam quotes

"Shower all your love on your friend but do not shower all your trust on him."

One who is looking for the faults of people should start with himself.

"It is not the cloth that oppresses the woman it is the illiterate mind."

Hijab, a physical manifestation of my submission and connection with my Lord.

“The only safe spot on this ruined earth is the prayer mat.”

Arbaeen Walk Advices

The martyrdom of the man most similar to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Free Zakzaky Our Scholar Our Honour

"The most merciful person is the one who forgives, though she is able to take revenge."


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