Khadija Kubra (as), the first believer in Islam

Khadija Kubra (as), the first believer in Islam

Sep 28, 2019

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Lady Khadija (as) embraced Islam during the very early days in which it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). She made the greatest of acts as a perfect noble lady: she was the first to believe in Islam. Afterwards, she spent all her wealth on invitation to Islam and promoting the religion. The impact of this initiative may be understood by those who've experienced how important financial support is for the role of those who fight in the way of Islam during times of suppression. Had it not been for Khadija’s (as) help, the progress and movement of Islam might have faced major obstacles. Beyond that, she and other Muslims, alongside the Prophet, were exiled to the valley of Abu Talib (She’eb Abi Talib), they endured a few years of very testing and difficult times. Later, she died at the same valley and left this world while in exile.

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