Israel detained more than 900 Palestinian children this year

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Amal Hussain, a seven-year-old Yemeni girl, who had very severe conditions of weakness and hunger; eventually could not resist and died…

Yemen crisis

Yemen Crisis 'getting worse by the hour'  The death toll of children in #Yemen is increasing every hour

stop killing children Yemen


Yemen stop the killing muslims in Yemen

for yemeni children

We will continue and we are not afraid of aeroplanes, tanks, or snipers.

Palestinians in Gaza can't clap along.

Abjection of Israel, Palestinian Resistance forced the Israeli regime to retreat and accept ceasefire

Silence about Yemen genocide is more than a shame, it's a human failure about dignity

Yemen Cant Wait

Rest in Peace Adam.

The worst violence in Gaza

cabinet of israel

Israeli heavy defeat against the Gaza Strip Resistance

Apartheid Wall

Israeli Terrorism


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