Iran and the Palestinian cause: A fire that will rage on

Iran and the Palestinian cause: A fire that will rage on

Mar 09, 2020

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Before the Islamic Revolution, it must be acknowledged that the Palestinian cause was merely a case of a country that being devoured by Israel and would soon disappear from the map.

The Muslim nations had been defeated by the Zionist army in two major wars and were forced to come to the negotiating table or continue informal communications with the Zionist regime.

Tehran, too, was a strategic ally of Tel Aviv, and the Pahlavi dynasty, as one of the Zionist trading partners in connection with the White House, was practically pursuing US policies to resolve the Palestinian conflict.

With the collapse of the US-backed Pahlavi regime and the victory the Islamic Revolution, the first spark of the revolution was the termination of Tehran’s ties with the Zionist regime on 11 February 1979, an hour after the victory of the revolution was announced.

The embassy was taken out of the hands of Zionist agents and handed over to the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Abu Amar came to Tehran a few days after the revolution and met with the leadership of the revolution, calling it a “light explosion”. In a short time, Dr. Fathi Shakaki writes the book “Khomeini Islamic Solution and Alternative”, and practically established the spirit of resistance in Palestine. The movement that was going to end with the dissolution and lack of support of the Islamic countries turned into an Islamic resistance movement called Islamic Jihad.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, while in direct battle with a foreign country and under heavy sanctions, dispatched its best commanders and advisers to Lebanon to train and organize Lebanese youth, to recapture Lebanese soil and eventually to form the Islamic Lebanese Resistance after the Zionist invasion and occupation of southern Lebanon. The plan that resulted in the end of the Zionist occupation of the South and wins of the 33-day war and to withdraw the Zionist Army from its previous positions. Also, Iran officially supported Palestine.

The Iranian leadership did not see the move and support for Palestine merely in the military dimension, and by announcing the initiative of the “Quds day” on the last day of the holy month of Ramadan, it made the Islamic Ummah realize the importance of the Palestinian issue.

With the formation of the Quds Force, Iran has actually shown that the issue of Palestine’s freedom, along with all its priorities, is a fundamental revolutionary idea that is willing to pay a lot for it. In this regard, Tehran has incorporated several important elements into its policies and has made a lot of effort to support it. Iran’s latest declared and official policy is the West Bank armament in the east of the occupied territories and the armed and hard-line confrontation of the Palestinians with the armed Zionist forces, which has been announced and pursued by Iranian authorities for several years.

However, Iran’s policies can be described in several dimensions:

Belief dimensions: Iran does not regard the Palestinian issue as merely an Arab or even an Islamic one. It is a matter of identity and Islam, and to this day all Iranian officials in the United Nations or foreign assemblies place particular emphasis on the structuring and maintenance of the Palestinian state and the exit of the Zionists.  In this context, the Quds Day Initiative, the Quds Sharif Conference, and most importantly the Islamic Resistance Day and Gaza, are Iranian initiatives in various international centers.

The military dimensions: The military leadership of Iran, both under Imam Khomeini and during the reign of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has repeatedly stated that at any time they will support any group that wants to stand up against the Zionist regime. This support has brought resistance to the extent that the resistance could fire more than 500 missiles, rockets and mortars to the occupied territories within two days without fear of a shortage in its weapons stock.  However, Iran has put forward a serious initiative of the armament of West Bank and has been active in the field for some time now.

The testimony of dozens of Iranian commanders, including Sardarollah Daddy, the lieutenant-general of Martyr Soleimani in the fight against the Zionists and the release of Quds. The martyrdom of dozens of Iranian commanders, including commander Allah dadi, martyr Qasem Soleimani’s lieutenant-general in the fight against the Zionists and the freedom of the Quds, is an evidence to this. In this regard, Iran has embarked on integrating various Muslim groups, both Shiites and Sunnis, and has supported any free-thinking group that emphasizes the unity of the Islamic Ummah and the fight against the Zionists.

However, it can be believed that, unlike some Arab countries, the Islamic Republic of Iran has supported every effort to protect the Palestinian issue and the liberation of holy Quds. A country that is under severe sanctions and economic pressure, but the Palestinian issue is in its top priority and the most important international and regional security challenge.

Accordingly, today, if today there is any remembrance of the Palestinian issue and the protection of holy Quds -not the shameful deal of the century- in the Islamic world, this is because of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s effortless effort to support Palestine without any demand. A country that made every effort to support Palestine.


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