In the past and in the present, "Israel" has always been a murderer of children.

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yemen can't wait

we are not protected

Stop Blood Trade criminals..

to those with hearts.. do you find the difference?

Saudi Arabia kills children and women in Yemen, while the world is silent about these crimes

Children suffer after 3 years of war & imposed siege on Yemen

Saudi air strike on Yemen children

USA bomb used by Saudi-led coalition strike on school bus 52 killed including 40 Yemen Children

American made bombs that killed our children...

Yemen Children

Saudi Arabia likes to support the development of children. Have a look here at all the great things the Saudi investment has done in Yemen.

Imagine your children living in continuous nightmare & fear, what would you do?

Children Under Attack

UNICEF Yemen take your bags and leave.

Saudi drives Yemeni children to the US guillotine..

UN in Yemen

Satan in yemen

You can get the EXACT meaning of today’s HumanRights


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