In short. Trump's mission on earth is to screw the world up!

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Leading by sandwich board.

The kind of Shia which works with the MI6 of England and the kind of Sunni which is a mercenary of the CIA of america...

If #Jesus Christ (pbuh) were among us today...

Collapse From Inside…

You need guts to expose Israeli atrocities against Palestinians!

Lady Liberty's burden

in yemen a child dies every 10 min of hunger and illness

United states ambassador to the united nations

US goals in region are diametrically opposed to Iran’s goals / negotiation with US on the region is pointless.

Is John Bolton the most dangerous person in the world?

Iran's leader censures Bahrain's execution two young Bahrainis

Scientific Progress

40 years after their revolutions

Any remarks implying the continuation of sanctions regime is violation of JCPOA.

We believe that it is pointless that other countries gather and decide for a country’s state and its head.

Jim Morin: Is there anyone left not embarrassed by this cretin?

The enemy's megaphone

A wide-spread front of enemy is standing before us;


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