Nov 18, 2019

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Islamic unity week 2

Unity week eradicates divisions, fosters unity

The Holy Prophet (S) would brush his teeth when performing ablution.

Islamic unity week 1

he should be accompanied up to the door of the house.

coming of the savior (imam al-amhdi) for:

Whoes side are you on?

I’m Just a Kid

Best human training method is...

the blood of the oppressed Palestinian...

Holy Prophet (S)....

The month of Rajab is an opportunity to get close to divine values and to God.


Gaza has the right to defend itself

No sooner does a community differ [between themselves] after their own prophet

If the ignorant ones had kept silent, men would not have differed.

The Holy prophet (S) did not perform an action but that he (S) did it with excellence and completion.

Verily you are brothers in the religion of Allah


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