Does COVID-19 mean Trump will see same fate as Carter?

Does COVID-19 mean Trump will see same fate as Carter?

May 04, 2020

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The United States is in the final stages of 2020 the presidential election campaign and which is deeply involved in the outbreak of the coronavirus within its border.

The coronavirus, which has crossed borders one by one and is now has taken more casualties in the United States than any other country. The Virus has prompted US officials, especially Donald Trump, to test the virus.

Trump, who did not take the virus seriously when it first arrived in the country, sometimes prescribed unscientific prescriptions and ridiculous advice to deal with the virus, and most recently recommended injecting disinfectants into the body to fight against the disease that led to several people being hospitalized, is now so preoccupied with the spread of the disease in the United States that it has become increasingly difficult for him to control the situation.

Coronavirus has posed a serious challenge to Trump, because the United States is about to run the presidential election, and the way to manage the virus will play a big role in determining the future president of that country.

Before the coronavirus, Trump stood up against his rivals relying on economic growth in the United States, rising Dow Jones stock and the lowest unemployment rate in recent years in the United States, and he was using these achievements for his election campaign. Now, with the crisis of the coronavirus outbreak, all his equations have collapsed.

On the one hand, the lack of management of this disease and the increasing number of patients and the dead, and the inefficiency in providing health items and the death of medical staff with this disease, and on the other hand, the consequences of corona’s spread has led to the reduced economic growth and stock indices. Also, the negative price of oil made Trump unable to maneuver his economic success against his rivals as before.

These crises have prompted Trump’s election rival, Joe Biden, to surpass him in many states, according to opinion polls in the United States.

According to a UT and Texas Tribune poll, Donald Trump is only 5%  ahead of Joe Biden in Texas.

A survey by Fox News, a right-wing and pro-Trump media outlet in Florida, found that Biden will receive 46 percent of the vote and Trump 43 percent.

According to a Quinnipiac poll in the same state, which shows a result of 46% for Biden and 42% for Trump, Biden seems to ahead of Trump in this state.

The Saskatchewan poll in the state of Pennsylvania shows Biden getting 48 percent and Trump getting 42 percent of the vote.

Fox News in the state estimates that Biden will get 50 percent and Trump 42 percent of the vote.

Monmouth University in New Jersey also conducted a poll that found 54 percent of the public support for Biden and 38 percent for Trump.

The Economist and the YouGov also put the results of a nationwide poll as follows: Biden 48 percent and Trump 42 percent.

According to these statistics, it is clear that Corona has made it difficult for Trump to win the upcoming US presidential election. It remains to be seen whether Trump will be able to overcome the problems caused by Corona and win the election, or, like Jimmy Carter, the only one-term president in the United States, will hand over the house to his rival after four years.

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