Civilized mask thieves: Western governments’s COVID-19 struggle

Civilized mask thieves: Western governments’s COVID-19 struggle

May 02, 2020

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The coronavirus spread around the world has led to the infection of more than 2 million people and many countries are already faced with severe shortages of healthcare and medical supplies.

This has led many people in these countries, specially in Europe and the United States, to loot health items and even their daily necessities by rushing to stores and pharmacies.

In the United States, reports show that some people have taken up arms to acquire these items.

Long queues, a shortage of goods and health items, a lack of adequate medical facilities and medical staff, have exacerbated the corona crisis in those countries. According to published statistics, this is the reason these countries have more casualties.

The actions of the governments of these countries are also very interesting, from the announcement of the guidelines to let the elders die to the idea of ??using waste nylon instead of the medical staff gown to protect them against this virus.

But the issue does not end here, and another measure taken is the theft of health items from other countries. In this regard, The Tunisian Minister of Commerce has announced that a ship carrying medical alcohol to the coast of Tunisia has been hijacked by Italian pirates.

In a similar move earlier, the Czech Republic confiscated shipments of aid from China to Italy to counter the corona outbreak, which contained 100,000 medical masks and respirators.

Prague later justified the move, saying police confiscated the cargo because it contained illegal sales. Poland has also blocked the export of thousands of bottles of disinfectant gel to Norway.

Norway’s Norenco has set up a healthcare plant in Poland through its own local joint venture, and the health supplies needed by Norway are provided through this plant.

Now the Polish government has blocked the export of health items to Norway; the government is demanding that the company send the product for use in Polish hospitals.

But in the latest move, the United States has stolen French masks purchased from China at the country’s airport.

All these incidents are happening in countries that claim culture, civilization, human rights, etc, and consider themselves superior in science, politics, and economics.

Instead of resolving the crisis, these countries are stealing from each other and compensating for their shortcomings in this way.

The Coronavirus has caused more than ever that countries claiming Human rights remove the mask from the face, and show the other side of their face to the world.

It remains to be seen whether the governments of the Green Continent and the United States will continue to steal or take more appropriate measures to combat the coronavirus.

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