Arbaeen Walk Advices

Arbaeen Walk Advices

Sep 02, 2018

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Real isis

We will continue and we are not afraid of aeroplanes, tanks, or snipers.

The Gaza Strip resistance escorted the Israeli night guests with 200 ballistic missiles

Apartheid Wall

Israeli Terrorism

Our advice

We do not have any motive to be in disagreement with Muslim governments.

Free Palestine from the river to the Sea!

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Slap of Century

Ethnic Cleansing

Israel's judaization of occupied Al-Quds is at full throttle

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Palestinians see no end to israeli aggression in all its forms

In 1904-1914 Second wave of about 40,000 Zionist immigrants increased Jewish population in Palestine to about 6% of Total & Palestinian Holocaust kept going on

over 12 million Palestinians forced to leave their homes since 1948

You can't take the roots out...

The king of Oman welcomes butcher of the Palestinians in his palace and his office defend this meeting proudly!


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